Connected projects, simplified.

Connect devices, visualize data, and control your projects from anywhere in the world.

Code or no code. You choose.

Choose a device you want to connect, and Arduino Cloud will take care of all the code necessary for setting things up.

If you want to customize your project, you can use Cloud Editor to modify the code and make it your own.

Need to make updates? Upload new code over the air from anywhere in the world!

Project data, simplified

Gather real time and historical data from your devices in one place, whether you are working with a simple project, or hundreds of variables.

All your data is stored in the cloud, updated automatically, and can be exported to a local device any time.

Build your ultimate control center

Choose from dozens of configurable widgets for control and data visualisation to set up beautiful dashboards.

Access your dashboards anywhere, anytime
Access your dashboards anywhere, anytime

Use your dashboards on the go, and control projects from anywhere in the world using the free IoT Remote app.

Alexa, water plants in the living room
Alexa, water plants in the living room

Arduino Cloud provides seamless integration with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to control your projects with voice.

Setting up voice control takes only a few minutes, and requires no code.

Share with family, colleagues or community

Give viewer or editor access to your dashboards to as many people as you want.

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